Booking Guidelines

You can choose to book a single drop in class without having to log in,
although we recommend you to do it if you subscribe to our membership !
Here is a simple step by step guide for you to book a class at


Booking a single drop-in class :

STEP 1: Select your class within the weekly list and click "SIGN UP"

STEP 2: Enter your name and email address

STEP 3: Enter your card details to validate and process your booking

THEN on the same page you will be offered the option to Register an account. We highly recommend you to do it to avoid any issues and it's easy and straight forward. Click on "REGISTER AN ACCOUNT", your email address will already appear in the field and you just have to create a new password and confirm it. Then your login details should be instantly in your inbox.

Subscribing to our monthly Membership

If you wish to purchase our monthly membership,

STEP 1: in the membership window click on "ADD TO CART"

STEP 2: you will then be prompted to enter your details such as Name, email address, Payment details.
Once clicking on CONFIRM you will then receive a member code that should be used to book every class.

STEP3: After subscribing, to book a class click on "SCHEDULE", then follow the same steps as above and as you would book a one-off class. You member code should appear in the field and you should also have a list of all the classes types included in you membership (Yipeeee you have loads to do !), confirm your class.

STEP 4: On the confirmation page you will be offered the option to "REGISTER AND ACCOUNT" if you haven't done it already. If you click on it, you will be asked to choose a password. Here you are ! All done ! You will receive an email confirmation !


Whenever you wish to book a class click on "LOG IN" in the top right corner, enter your login details to apply your membership automatically. Alternatively, click on "RESET PASSWORD" if you forgot your password. If you can't remember your email address, please ring us and we will do our best to help you retrieve your details.

Important : You will always receive your member code via email once you subscribe. If you don't wish to register an account for some reason, you can always book a single drop-in class without paying, entering that code on the booking page. (This code is strictly personal and should only be used by the person who subscribed).

If you wish to book for more than one person, you can either book them in a single transaction and pay for the non-member at the desk. Alternatively, log out, book a one off class and pay online without logging in, or create a new account. The more lodgers, the better world !

Maybe all this web and digital stuff is not your thing, we are always happy to book you at the desk or by phone if needs be. Just give us a ring !

You will always be asked to check in at the desk on your class day and we reserve the right to ask for a proof of ID.