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Beginners Handstand Workshop

Saturday November 3rd 16:00 – 18:00 

Everything you need to know to press up and hold the perfect straight line...

ALL LEVELS: Total Beginners to Advanced
Tired of kicking up against the wall? 
Can’t get past the fear of inverting? 
Can’t find the strength to get off the ground?

Let Ben get you up on your hands in one of London's most beautiful yoga spaces.

Develop an amazing core and upper body strength while learning the secrets to overcoming the fear of being upside down!

Ultimate handstands is the perfect Inversion workshop for all levels. We stop thinking about the handstand as a mysterious and complex balance and realise it’s simply the result of developing strength in just 3 areas.

Ben’s workshop takes the best techniques from gymnastics, yoga and callisthenics to deliver all the information you’ll ever need to press up into perfect handstand.

2hrs, £25 + VAT


Love to heal - Gong Bath & Yoga Nidra relaxation


Friday 09 Nov, 19:00 – 20:45


Indulge in a Friday evening of complete relaxation and immersion of healing vibrations. Allow yourself to be effortlessly guided into a space of complete non-doing where you can reach states of expanded awareness.