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Instructor(s): Beko

The name Budokon translates to mean “the way of the spiritual warrior” (Bu – Warrior, Do – Way, Kon – Spirit).

This practice is a fusion of Zen Meditation, Yoga, Mobility and Calisthenics (body-weight training) that is based on a power and vinyasa flow style of Hatha Yoga integrated with Martial Arts movements and infused with some playful Animal Movement sequences. Budokon makes for a challenging and core-strengthening practice that will change the way you move for the better!

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Instructor(s): Andrea

During our Sound Bath all you have to do is lie on your mat, close your eyes and listen to the sea of sound waves generated by our gong and Tibetan singing bowls. The sound of the instruments and the talents of our sound healer Andrea Moretti will take you on a meditative experience bringing you to a state of deep relaxation. We provide pillows, blankets and mats to make you as comfortable as possible.