Our Partners

We have an amazing selection of partners who hire our great studios to run classes and events.
You'll find here details on who they are, as well as direct links towards their websites to get in touch
with them if you'd like to join their classes or courses.



Professional Morning Classes

10:am - 11:30 am on select days

www.openclass.dance for schedule

[openclass] is an initiave run by Helen Cox & Eve Veglio-White to build an accessible and supportive community for dance artists to practice, share and connect in SE London. 

Each month a new teacher leads a professional class for two (or more days) over one week. These classes are aimed for people who are experienced movement practitioners and who have completed or are currently completing vocational dance training.

Get in touch at openclass.dance@gmail.com

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Mixed Movement taught by Beko                             

£20 Drop In 

Saturdays 2pm - 4pm

The name Budokon translates to mean “the way of the spiritual warrior” (Bu – Warrior, Do – Way, Kon – Spirit).

This practice is a fusion of Zen Meditation, Yoga, Mobility and Calisthenics (body-weight training) that is based on a power and vinyasa flow style of Hatha Yoga integrated with Martial Arts movements and infused with some playful Animal Movement sequences. Budokon makes for a challenging and core-strengthening practice that will change the way you move for the better!

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20 Hours for £100

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Barre & Baby 

Monday 11.15am - 12.30am

Barre and Baby is the UK’s first - and only - ballet class for new and expectant mothers to participate in alongside their baby.

 These classes are expressly designed to support women throughout pregnancy and birth recovery by strengthening and toning the body, correcting posture, protecting the spine and improving flexibility. In addition, the art of ballet creates a deep bond between mother and child, with the gentle movement and classical music soothing and relaxing all participants. Barre & Baby is supported and validated by midwives, osteopaths and babywearing consultants, with the classes recommended for its mental and physical preparation for both new and expectant mothers.



AK Fit Club Skip HIIT Burn & Brunch 

Alt Sunday  11.00am - 11.45am

A 45 minute full body workout combining skipping and High Intensity Interval Training. This fast paced, dynamic class will help you burn calories more efficiently and the combination of high intensity skipping and strength training will help tone and strengthen your whole body, whilst improving your agility, balance and coordination. After the class you'll be able to socialise and enjoy a well earned delicious brunch with the group.

The classes are open to all levels of fitness and no skipping experience is required. Skipping is no longer just for the playground so join the club to try this incredible workout! 

£16.00 (class only £10.00 option)

latin 11.png


Authentic Argentine Tango 

£15 Drop In

Monday 20:30pm - 21:45pm (Intermediate Class)

Tuesdsay 20:15pm - 21:30pm (Beginners Class)

Lucas, from Argentina, and Lauren, from the UK, are based in London after having traveled the world performing professionally for over 8 years on board various cruise lines.  

Coming from very different backgrounds both have completed professional vocational training; Lauren originally in Musical Theatre in one of the country’s most prestigious  performing arts school, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and Lucas in Argentine Tango with many great tango maestros in Buenos Aires, initially at Mora Godoy’s tango school/company.  Lauren & Lucas met whilst performing in the production shows on board MSC Armonia, MSC Cruise Line. It was there that Lauren first got a taste of tango whilst watching Lucas’s show and was captivated by its magic. 

Get in touch at lltango-adagio@hotmail.com

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