Pilates Classes


Instructor(s): Ali, Abby

Full body mat based Pilates classes, with a focus on toning the core muscles and increasing flexibility. Great for improving your general fitness, posture and wellbeing. 


Instructor: Fran

Inspired by ballet technique "BARRE & BANDS"  is the perfect combination of being  "graceful but strong".

This class is about finding strength, core and balance. You will work like a dancer and train your muscles like never before.

Get ready to fire up your core, glutes and legs while you learn about the grace of posture and balance.


Instructor : Emily

Strengthen tone and increase flexibility.

Ballet fitness is a mixture of barre and pilates exercises working the whole body to create long, lean muscles - think ballerina. Using isometric pulses to target specific muscles to get that burn! Sculpt, strengthen and stretch your muscles in a fun and energising class.

No experience required.