Our Therapists

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  • Swedish Massage
  • Holistic Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Seated/Chair On Site Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage COMING SOON

I have trained at both the famous City Lit, overseen by the stringent City & Guilds educational body, and at the London School of Massage. I'm lucky to have found an occupation I love and proud that this shows in my ability to give each and every client a massage which addresses the reasons they booked but always tries to go one step further.  

I'm a member of the CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) and am fully insured. My training included many aspects of health and safety, including hygiene and cleanliness. It also dealt with privacy, comfort and care - as everyone's situations and cultures differ. 

Not everyone that visits me comes with aching muscles or knots... some have stressful lives and need a relaxing moment in their otherwise hectic day... others book for a well earned treat that's just for them, good for the soul.

My days at the Lodge are Mondays 10am to 3pm, Wednesdays 3pm to 8pmFridays from 10am to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at: steven@thelodge.space

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  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Seated/Chair On Site Massage

I'm a firm believer in the power of massage as a therapy - it can help relieve tense and sore muscles, promote recovery from injury and encourage relaxation.

I feel very lucky to have a career that promotes health and wellbeing and helps to reduce pain and stress. My primary specialisation is Sports Massage Therapy which focuses on correcting problems and imbalances in muscles and soft tissue.

Not just for athletes, Sports Massage can also help with day to day niggles such as a tight back or stress and tension knots. Alternatively I can provide a relaxing, deep tissue massage to promote well being and relaxation.

My days at the Lodge are Tuesdays 10am to 8pm, Wednesdays 9am to 3pmThursdays from 9am to 2pm and Saturdays from 1pm to 8pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at: julie@thelodge.space




  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Seated/Chair Acupressure On Site Massage

I am a graduate of Gateway Workshops in London and a full member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists and the Complementary Therapists Association.  As a passionate massage therapist I work with the intention to reconnect and bring equilibrium and harmony to mind, body and soul. Through my guided touch I will work with you to help achieve deeper states of calmness and relaxation. 

I offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage and Chair/ Seated Acupressure On Site Massage. 

Whether you are looking to treat stiff and painful areas and help relieve discomfort from sore muscles or simply to help promote relaxation and relieve stress and tension, my tailored massage will help support you in achieving balance and enhance overall health and wellbeing. 

My days at the Lodge are Thursdays from 2pm to 7pm and Sundays from 11am to 5pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at: colin@thelodge.space


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  • Tradition Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Acu-Facial  Rejuvenation
  • Pregnancy-postpartum care
  • Massage for pain and relaxation

Jane is a traditional acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and manual therapist. She is a fully accredited member of the British Acupuncture Council which is part of the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register, a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and committee member of Acupuncture Childbirth Team.  

Jane graduated BSc in Acupuncture from University of East London (first class Hons) and MSc (Merit) in Chinese herbal medicine from Westminster University. Jane also studied in China, Nanjing university hospital in Gynaecology and Obstetrics department and trained in facial acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, Master Tung's acupuncture and Korean Hand acupuncture and nutritional support 

She has a keen interest in gynaecology, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care.  Jane is from South Korea where the whole culture of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care is deeply rooted in organically natural and holistic involving balanced body and mind, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and harmonised environment. With this traditional experience and knowledge, Jane employs various cultural knowledges of East and West, and clinical technics and skills from training to offer an integrated and holistic approach to maximise the blessed journey of having a happy pregnancy for the mum and baby in a calm, relaxed and safe ambiance.  

Jane also has particular interest and experience in conditions: Urology (Interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infections), Digestive, Psychological (stress, depression, anxiety), Musculoskeletal (pains, aches and stiffness), Respiratory (Hay fever, Asthma, coughing), Autoimmune (Parkinson, MS, Arthritis) and Skin (Acne, psoriasis, eczema).  

Jane also maintain high standards for her own development, constantly learning and updating her practice and knowledge as she evolves.   She has published a research paper on Interstitial Cystitis which you can read on www.atcm.co.uk (Vol22, Issue 1). She works at the St Joseph’s Hospice as an acupuncturist in the Neurology team.

Jane’s days at the Lodge are Monday and Thursday from 3-8pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at: janem@thelodge.space




  • Osteopathy
  • Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy

I am a French mother of two young girls, who has a passion for wellbeing and natural healthcare. 

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (Maidstone) in 2002,  and opened my practice in Paris.

I have been living in London since 2008, where I am a registered osteopath (GOsC).

In addition, I am a teacher and work at the International Department of the European School of Osteopathy, providing training around the world.

I also supervise the undergraduate students at the London School of Osteopathy's clinic.

To book your appointment, please email me at: Rebecca.marchat.osteo@gmail.com




  • Body Worx
  • Dragon Energy
  • Colour Therapy

Darryl is the face and man behind the Internationally renowned Dragon Clinic. A career derived from personal & self development obsession, a competent Martial Artist for over three decades with almost a decade of yoga now turned Personal Trainer.

From studying the body, meridian lines, functional movements and patterns, shiatsu, reflex, to other far eastern and holistic practises, Darryl has developed a wide range of tools to help and assist people with a myriad of different aliments, from physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual.

Darryl has treated a vast range of Celebrities from Stage & Screen, Musicians, Athletes & many Professional Sports Personalities as well as Corporate CEO’s and other Industry Leaders around the world. His reputation far exceeds his name, over the years dubbed as the 'Healers Healer’ ‘The Dragon Man’ and more notably in New York, he’s referred to as; 'The Angel on Wall Street’. His Client record boasts an incredible 85% single session success rate spanning back 12 years.

Darryl is available for many areas of life & lifestyle coaching; a qualified Plant Based Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, helping you to create more wealth and abundance in your life, overcoming life’s speed humps, Helping you to centre and find more balance in your life. Addiction recovery or simply setting yourself up with a morning routine and practise.

Darryl is also a recovering alcoholic and has been sober since 2012 through 12 steps.

Treatments with Darryl are booked upon request.

To book your appointment, please email me at: darryl@darrylkempster.com

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  • Sound Bath
  • Sound Journey

Andrea "Pinguino" Moretti is a sound healer and Capoeira practitioner. He specialed in sound bath and movement, working with different instruments like Gong, Didgeridoo, Native American Flute etc. He trained with a founding Master of this therapy during a journey in Nepal. Andrea has over a decade of experience teaching Capoeira in both Italy and UK, working with adults as well as little ones. He is now exploring the synergy between movement and sound. Andrea teaches regular classes at the Lodge but is also running private sessions in our treatments rooms. You can book your session with him wether you want it to be one to one or up to three people.

Treatments with Andrea are booked upon request.

To book your appointment email at: pinguino.andrea@gmail.com




  • Reiki

“Reiki is a natural energy healing system that works on every level. It can stimulate your ability to heal at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual”.

I have always been sensitive to vibrational energies. Reiki allows this awareness to be directed to where it’s needed in others. When I practice Reiki, to witness people reconnecting with whom they are and who they want to be is truly amazing.To see the positive difference it makes and help people find themselves again and feel back in control is wonderful to share. 

I am a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher from the Usuilineage. I also hold the Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma which complies with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council’s core curriculum and is approved by the Reiki Federation. I am also a member of the Reiki Federation.

Fiona’s days at the Lodge are Tuesday and Thursday from 9.15am to 3pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at fionagulec@gmail.com




  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Reiki with Drumming
  • Reiki with Reiki Cards
  • Reiki with Meditation
  • Reiki Goddess Package

Biography coming soon!

Ann’s days at the Lodge are Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at: lotusflowerwellbeing@gmail.com





  • Traditional Acupuncture
  • Traditional/Microsystem Ear Acupuncture
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Cosmetic Acucare

I am a traditional acupuncturist who utilizes an integrated approach by combining acupuncture with cupping, moxibustion, Tuina, and essential oils depending on the patient’s needs. I am a fully accredited member of the British Acupuncture Council. 

I completed my BSc. in Genetics (2005) and MSc. in Human Genetics from Sri Ramachandra Medical University in 2007. A year on molecular-cytogenetics in dysmorphic children, cancer and infertility cases, followed by work on the epigenetics of liver cancer. I presented my research findings in Barcelona and Vienna in 2012 did a mentorship programme at the Amsterdam medical centre for a year. I subsequently published my work in 2014 and 2016. 

But my firm belief on the inseparable connection between the mind and body made me traverse into holistic world of oriental medicine, and I completed my Integrated Masters in Chinese Medicine at London South Bank University. 

Chinese medicine provides a different perspective and deeper understanding of the body in sickness and in health and hence everyone should be able to access the brilliance of this ancient holistic wisdom. As an acupuncturist, I have been treating musculoskeletal conditions, insomnia, stress, anxiety, menopausal and Pre-menstrual symptoms, headaches, depression, dizziness and addiction, fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, hay fever, eczema, arthritis and hormonal imbalances.

Preeti’s days at the Lodge are Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 8pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at: 1preeti.damania@gmail.com

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  • Clinical Joint Manipulation

Biography coming soon!

Jim’s day at the Lodge is Friday from 10am to 3pm.

To book your appointment, please call Reception on 020 7231 1088, find us on the MindBody app or email at: jimjack2014@gmail.com